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Sheep Sanctuary


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Calf Sanctuary Tours

Price: £25.00
UK Postage: £0.00

Come and visit the funny farm and get to meet and greet all of our residents and see the work that we do. 

The tour will last around 1.5 hours  (give or take)

You can take selfies with the gang, cuddle a sheep, groom a goat, tickle a turkey plus so much more 

Group size is unlimted and the cost is 25.00 per person with a minimum of 2 people.

Dogs are allowed on site but we ask that whilst we are taking you around the fields that they are left in the car ( of which we can constantly check ) 

Small children MUST be supervised by the parent whilst in the fields for both the child and the animals safety 

We will supply a drink and the food van will be open if you want to purchase any food and stay on the sanctuary a little longer.

All tours have to be arranged and agreed a time and date, we do have other committments so please enquire first if you do have a specific date and time that you require

Visits start As of May 2019  and run through to September 

Many many thanks for your support  

A great way for you to come to calf to meet and greet and to help fund the work that we do X 

If this is a gift for someone please forward the name and address and we will post out a card