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Your donations mean so much to our 200 rescues. Thank Ewe!

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Golden Oldies

Price: £29.00
UK Postage: £1.50
Overseas Postage: £4.95

In total we have saved 22 old ladies from slaughter in a year ~ some of the are as old as 10yrs and we know that not all will live many more years but we do our utmost to make sure they get all the care alove that they need 

Sponsor A Sheep 

Last year around this time we rescued 5 old ewes that were going to be sent to market. Ewes that were passed their sell by date. 

We were given the chance to save some and we took in 5 old ladies. 

Their names are "Mary" "EJ" "Flossie" "Ellen" and "Lilly" with them coming from the farming industry and very little human interaction i expected them to be very unfriendly. 
How wrong i was... "Mary and EJ" are 2 of the friendliest most loving and affectionate sheep that we have. 

3 of the old ladies turned out to be pregnant which was pretty scary as they were old and very bony....Through the winter we made sure that we gave them all that they needed and more and a few months later they gave birth to healthy bouncing lambs...

The old gals and their babies are still with us and will stay with us for the rest of their lives. 

17 more  old ewes came to us last xmas...ALL SAFE NOW 

By sponsoring an old ewe for a year you literally are saving a life. Taking on old sheep comes at a cost as vet bills rise plus they need extra care and special attention. 
Last year we gave our oldies their own pensioner pad so we could keep watch over them and make sure all were getting what they needed. Often old sheep have no teeth and struggle to eat long stranded hay...We feed them a specialist horse fine chopped hay along with beet and course and make sure they have constant access to mineral blocks and high protein feed...

Adoption Gift Packs are a one off £29.00 payment and includes

1..a photo card of the rescued ladies along with a handwritten message of thanks

2.. An adoption certificate |

3..Your name on the barn "Thank Ewe" wall 

4..a mini sheep toy magnet

By adopting a sheep you are helping us to care for them, all funds raised go towards, vet care, hay and straw, hard feed, mineral licks and so much more X 

Be part of something amazing X  A gift of life