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Baby Boo Adoption

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The Story Of "Boo" 

Where do we begin.....
All of our sheep are totally unique and such wonderful characters and i could literally talk you to sheep sleep if i get going :0)

So heres your bedtime read 

Earlier this year we received a call from someone within the farming industry who had a lamb that was very disabled asking if we would take her. At the time we had no lambs in, so we asked if she could come with another lamb, just so that she had company. 

With "Bubbles" came "Boo" 
Sadly bubbles was very disabled and we knew in our hearts that it was very doubtful that she would survive. We instantly got vet care and advice and we tried hard to find someone to scan her to try to find out what the issue was...
Sadly bubbles died peacefully in our arms....Her life was cut short, but thanks to bubbles, boo got a chance at life. 
I havent posted any pictures of "Bubbles" simply because it still effects me emotionally. 

When we take in very ill lambs, we do a shuffle in our home and the babies come and live in our house so that we can give them all the attention and care that they need. When bubbles died boo continued to live in doors and became a big part of our lives. He wore a nappy and loved to lay on the sofa watching movies with our daughter "Storm"
Boo arrived with a limp, he had had a broken leg which had been supported and fixed...but we were a bit uneasy with the way he walked so we had him xrayed and found that he had 2 farctures, so poor boo had to be repotted. 

Not long after we spotted his other knee joint looked swollen, back to the vets to examine, the vet cut his leg and it was full of poison....classic of joint ill ( a few years ago we lost a lamb to joint ill, its an infection that settles in the joints and creates lots of poison, eventually it spreads around the body and kills the poor sheep, from spetasemia ) 

Every week boo was taken to the vets to keep close watch, he was on pain relief and antibiotics along with mommas home made herbal potions, in the desperate attempt to get him through. With the fear of joint ill we even had to get his pot removed incase it was in his broken leg joint...Thankfully it wasnt so it was repotted. 

It took literally months of worry and heartache, unsure of the unknown, but eventually his pot was removed and his little skinny bent leg started to work. He walked with a limp but we thought that would be the case. 

Not wanting to keep boo indoors to long as we know from past experience he needs to be with his own kind to realise he is a sheep and not a dog. 

So we introduced him to our "Pensioner" flock that was in our garden at the side of our home, we didnt know how our oldest gal "precious" now 15 years old, would react. 
We were so shocked, she loved him and really took him under her hoof. Yes she told him off when he became annoying, but she never head butted him ( no way thats what the young ones do ) instead she kicked him, which was sooooo funny to watch. even in old sheep you see the characteristics that are very similar to humans. 
 Boo was happy with his new found Nanna and his auties "Cherrell"  the old rickety herdwick and "Wee Marie" our old scottish herdwick with attitude. 

Boo spent the summer with the pensioners, who taught him well. Such a lovely little boy. 

Once we knew he was ok he started to join us on our sheep walking sessions, where he would just follow us round, he did not need a lead. He was such a charmer and everyone truly loved our little tour guide. 

Then late on in the summer we took in a lot of rare breed lambs and we felt boo needed to be with the young sheep, which he joined and is still with ....Boo is now teaching the other lambs to go for walks...

Just the other day we had visitors and we were talking about Boo....We told them how friendly he was, that he was pretty similar to a dog...They laughed
I shouted BOOOOOO and instantly he turned ( because he knows his name) he then walked over to us...The people stood speechless ..
"OMG" were there words 
"We never knew a sheep could be like this " 

Boo is awesome...a true ambassador to his kind X 

By adopting boo for a year, you will recieve updates as to how he is doing ( Via email ) and receive a gift card with his photo. 
Every penny goes towards the care of our huge wooly family X 

Thank you for your support