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Davey Boy

Price: £30.00
UK Postage: £4.00
Overseas Postage: £15.00

Our Davey boy

He is a disabled sheep, he came to us as a newborn lamb with a deformed front leg.
Davey boy was operated on to straighten it but sadly it started to retract again, we took him to hydrotherapy every week in an effort to build strength in his bent leg (which he loved as long as he could see us ) but due to tendons being cut in the operation which were not long enough to rejoin, we knew it would be a miracle if his leg worked again.

So in the end we accepted that he would be a 3 legged sheep, we have a 3 legged dog so knew he would manage ok and he does.

In the winter he comes indoors where he gets pampered as we don’t want him struggling in muddy conditions. We also make sure that he gets feeds that make him stand, as it keeps his good front leg stronger.
Davey boy is so lovely, he has been with us almost 5 years and he loves life.

By adopting Davey Boy for a year you help towards the costs of our Special needs sheep. 

By Adopting Davey for a year you help towards the costs of running sheep sanctuary . 
included in the 1 year adoption pack are :
Cuddly toy 
Sheep sanctuary bumper sticker 
 Adoption Certificate 
Framed Photograph
The story of your adopted animal
6 monthly adoption update

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