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Lamb Appeal

I have struggled this year as we are almost full here at sheep sanctuary and that along with the impact of covid and the lack of income I had to make the decision - no more rescues and that means no more lambs. 

I have been very successful at networking and the animals that we could not take I have found good homes for quite easily with the help of some amazing online contacts.

To be honest though, after 12 years of saving lives, knowing I cannot take more made me feel quite depressed, as saving lives is what makes me tick, it's my calling, my purpose, my 'Why'.
Then I get a call - “can I take in any lambs, that are to be discarded as waste?“ 
I sat and thought how can I do this.
We are a two-man team, with just one regular farm helper, but how can I live with myself letting these babies be killed simply because they are small, weak or a triplet.
Then I started to think - what if we started to rehome sheep.
That way we could continue saving lives.

It’s not easy taking in newborn lambs that have had a rubbish start to life without a mum as it’s bloody hard work and comes with real heartache for the ones that don’t make it. It’s long hours and worrying times but that’s what we do, already stretched to the limit sadly it does mean that our business takes a bit of a back seat as time becomes very limited. But I’m prepared to sacrifice to save lives.

It's a few months of the year that we really get battered... mentally physically and financially... BUT I just know there are people out there that want to help... to SAVE innocent lives

We have taken in 15 lambs up to now ~ that's the most we have taken and there may be more..... 

The little girl in the image below without doubt would be dead now...she arrived very poorly....with the label "Get rid" 
we nursed her and gave her all we could.....i was doubtful she would make it....her breathing was rapid and a very runny bum....but 2 days later, what we did worked....she is now up and moving....headbutting our legs for a bottle

This means: we need lamb milk; new feeding systems as we really cannot physically hand feed that many; lamb coats; nappies for the ones that have to come into our house; lamb bottles; cleaning sterilisers; doggy pads; vet care, and that's all before the hours upon hours that we give to personally care for these babies. Which we don't mind but this does mean that hours spent with the babies are hours we cannot earn - as we are about to reopen the huts and experiences and are busy building stocks for our Etsy store. I have to really take hold here as to what's important... it's a fine balancing act. If I take in too many... then I risk everything.

BUT the planet is huge! There are millions of people out there with compassion that would love to save lives. Why not join forces? WE are prepared to do the work.
My ideas, my dreams, my plans are all animals based. I love what I do and the satisfaction of knowing you have saved a life is priceless. 

We NEED support... IF we get your help then we can do more. 

Your support goes towards the costs...

PLUS we also need networking and sharing so that we can get a NETWORK of people that can help find forever homes. We will nurse the babies through the hard times. Then once we know they are ok and healthy and safe to travel we will move them to new homes.

YOUR SUPPORT means so much....between life and death...WE can do the hard work....but the animals need your help....WE ( just the 2 of us) donate our time for free....All we ask for is your support to save the lives and fund what is needed... 

W also need you to NETWORK comment and share...AS we NEED to find foreverhomes for these babies once we get them weaned and healthy