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Your donations mean so much to our 200 rescues. Thank Ewe!

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Welcome to the Sheep Sanctuary


GoFundMe Appeal

Sheep Sanctuary is home to over 300 rescued animals, we have been running now for 15 years and have also networked to save 100s upon 100s more animals over the years. 

We are a plant-based sanctuary and have worked so hard to not only rescue animals but to bring awareness to people as to how wonderful “farmed” animals are if they are allowed to live life. 

Over the past few years we have sadly lost some of our best supporters and have worked extremely hard to try to self-fund, but running a sanctuary alongside trying to earn money from running businesses virtually single-handedly is no easy task as the care for many of the rescues is in itself a full-time job. 

The huge problem I have now is that we literally have enough money to last just a couple of months and all our reserves, even my own savings, are now the lowest they have ever been. 

The sad part is that this year *fingers crossed* I am so close to getting many new areas of business up and running to help bring in much-needed funds. 

From sheep hugging, sheep walking, hut rentals, a new shop area, vegan food options, craft workshops, cruelty-free merchandise sales and so much more…
BUT I now know that the business needs a couple of years to build and I really do not have the money to fund the sanctuary overheads and also build a business in time to cover the costs. 

My options by the end of the summer will be to sell up and downsize which would be heartbreaking after so many years of sheer hard work and dedication. 

It costs in excess of £70,000 a year to keep the sanctuary running, of course, I do not expect to try and raise that kind of funding but anything would be a help until I can get the new ventures established 

Every single penny counts 

Please share and network. Ideas would be most welcome.

We have a GoFundMe

Even just the smallest donation can make a massive difference to us. If you can spare anything at this time, I hope you will consider donating to us.

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Sheep Sanctuary is set in the heart of the North Yorkshire moors in Whitby. We love and care for sheep, cows, pigs, goats, alpacas, donkeys, geese, turkeys, hens and more.
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Here at Sheep Sanctuary, we love and care for at least 350 animals every day. 

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In Loving Memory of our much-loved rescues 
Mamamoo & Duke Bullock 
 The mother of all mothers and The little boy with a big voice 

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