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Sheep Sanctuary


Your donations mean so much to our 200 rescues. Thank Ewe!

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Welcome to the Sheep Sanctuary

Winter FEED Needed!

Winters are long and funds are low.
Hard feed alone costs £300+ a week and that’s before hay straw, specialist feeds, and vet care.

We have a lot of old and special needs sheep now. They need our help more than most, but they are high maintenance and all have different needs. Many are on two hard feeds a day to maintain body weight. All have mineral blocks and protein blocks. Some are on sugar beet, porridge or chopped dry grass. It costs a fortune to properly care for these lovely beings.

Even just the smallest donation can make a massive difference to us. If you can spare anything at this time, I hope you will consider donating to us.

Ways you can help 
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Sheep Sanctuary is set in the heart of the North Yorkshire moors in Whitby. We love and care for sheep, cows, pigs, goats, alpacas, donkeys, geese, turkeys, hens and more.
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Here at Sheep Sanctuary, we love and care for at least 350 animals every day. 

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In Loving Memory of our much-loved rescues 
Mamamoo & Duke Bullock 
 The mother of all mothers and The little boy with a big voice 

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