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Your donations mean so much to our 200 rescues. Thank Ewe!

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Welcome to the Sheep Sanctuary

Desperate Times

We have hit hard times and we are finding it very difficult due to many different reasons

Sanctuary life is never easy but on top of everything else, I have been unwell for a few months.
Then 3 weeks ago I got covid and a kidney infection which really knocked me off my feet.
Fundraising and internet work have totally halted as I do all of this work on my own :0( so funds have been seriously depleted.

Then this year with the severe lack of rain there literally is zero grass, this is the first year in the 15 that I have run a sanctuary where I have had to feed hay all year round, this in itself is bad enough but the fact that hay prices have risen massively and also so has the hard feed.

Financially things are getting desperate and I really do need your help to bounce back. I have taken my own health for granted and put myself last every time.

Due to me being so poorly I have had to shut my Etsy store, and cancel any sheep walks so literally the only income is that from my on-site hut rentals and even they have been hit this year with not as many bookings.

All sounds like doom and gloom... it's not.
I did think, that maybe I need to start to downsize but this is my life, I asked myself questions and every time it came back to the same answer:
All I need is support, I'm a good person I do what I do for the love of animals. I should not be struggling alone.

The sanctuary seriously needs to stockpile hay for winter.
I estimated just for hay and straw alone to get through the winter would be around 25,000 and that was before the price increases.

EVERY PENNY is crucial so please please help if you can.
Sheep Sanctuary is home to around 350 rescues, I work hard to become self-sustaining but I've learnt these last few months I cannot do it all... I need YOU

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Sheep Sanctuary is set in the heart of the North Yorkshire moors in Whitby. We love and care for sheep, cows, pigs, goats, alpacas, donkeys, geese, turkeys, hens and more.
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Here at Sheep Sanctuary, we love and care for at least 350 animals every day. 

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In Loving Memory of our much-loved rescues 
Mamamoo & Duke Bullock 
 The mother of all mothers and The little boy with a big voice 

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