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About Sheep Sanctuary and Our Founder

About The Founder, Sharon Lawlor
Sheep Sanctuary began 12 years ago 

A Spiritual Journey to the Light

In 2008 my much-loved father died, and it was one of the worst days of my life. He had suffered a stroke, and with very little help or knowledge from the medical profession on how to lower his cholesterol levels, it was only months later that Dad died of a suspected heart attack.

At that point I felt totally lost.
Life without my dad seemed unthinkable, and I felt so alone and totally lost without him as he had always been my crutch in times of need.
I started to see things which baffled me, and I was bombarded by the number 33 and especially 333, of which i later found out was a very powerful number in the spiritual world. 12 years later and this number connection has never left me.
For a good few months after my dad died i started to question my own life and purpose.

At this point, my daughter and I had built a very good business in design and manufacture, and we worked flat out to keep up with the demand. Yet I found it meant nothing to me—the money felt pointless and I began to lose the will to keep going. I felt like I was just existing.

One day I asked myself: “If I died tomorrow, who would know, who would really care, would I move on from this journey feeling fulfilled, what was the purpose of my existence?”

I Felt Like Something was missing and whilst on the internet i stumbled upon a graphic video of an animal slaughter. The images haunted me and i started to see things differently and slowly moved over to veganism after 13 years of being a vegetarian and thats where my life really began 

I handed the business to my daughter and moved to the countryside

It was a smallholding of only a couple of acres but it was a start. In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields it looked perfect and I guess to a certain extent it was. I witnessed many things that deeply upset me, but i learnt a lot and the experiences turned me into the person that I am today.

Not long after we had moved into the farmhouse, a herd of cows appeared in the field right next to our home. I felt gutted. I was a vegetarian, but I hated actually seeing animals that I know are in the food chain industry as I thought there was nothing more I could do to help them. Often driving through the country I would cover my eyes if we passed a field of cows as it troubled me so much.

NOW I had them literally in my garden.

I could no longer look away as they would stand curiously looking at me from the cattle grid. I found myself drawn to them and felt so sad when I visited them, they looked so afraid. I had never been close to a cow, let alone made eye contact with one.

I fell in love with cows, but with the new found love came such total and utter sadness.

So i dedicated my life to helping animals 

We brought home an old cow who was 18 years old, with her dying calf and the old lady "Mamamoo" changed my world completely. 

12 years on we are home to over 200 animals that are safe for life 

A lot has happened in my 12 years and it truly has been an emotional journey but i wouldn't change it as its all been part of my journey to "Me" 

To Be continued in a Blog