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Alfie Lamb's Story

The Story of "Alfie Lamb"

Way back in the beginning alfie was one of our very early rescues.
I had such a passion for being a voice for farmed animals and i asked angels to send me something special.
Not long after "Alfie" arrived and he really did have a huge impact upon our lives.
He was so innocent, so gentle and trusting, i grew to adore this boy. He was an orphan and we soon became his family, he totally melted everyones heart and because of alfie we saved many many more lambs over the years to come. He lived in our house and it was quite normal to see alf in front of the fire as he loved his home comforts. He would play with our "Storm" running excitedly around the house playing hide and seek. Memories that will stay forever.
He went everywhere with me and we acquired a walking license for him, which was no easy task as someone walking a sheep was pretty much unheard of.
So i was issued with a goat walking license. ( as you cannot freely walk a sheep anywhere )
We would walk him on his little lead around our route, so many people would come up to us to see him as they just could not believe how cute he was. Many people do not get to see lambs up so close or in this manner and many said how much like a puppy he was.
Most people would say "this is not the "Lamb" that we eat is it and our replies were always truthful ~
"yes this is little lamb would be about half way through his life with probably around 2 months of life left "
"Alfie" lamb is still with us today, he has a bit of a limp now, but we can never find anything wrong with his foot, but alfie knows if you have a sore foot, you get to go into the barn where you get lots of extras. He's not daft :0)
This little boy taught me very early on that if people make that connection then thats half the battle.
Living meat free on a plant based diet is the best thing that i have ever done.
My life before was lacking, i was painfully shy and it had no purpose or meaning.
The animals gave me a voice and a reason ~ thanks to little Alfie Lamb