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Ed Ead's Story

Ed Ead 

Ed ead, he’s the leader of the flock, he is amazing, so peaceful and so wise.

He has something truly magical about him, almost like he can talk to you without saying a word.

He escaped slaughter, leaving all he knew behind, he bolted and lived in a neighbouring field with two horses.
Then one day the owners who looked after him with their horses decided they would let him go to slaughter and share his body ( not sure how anyone could do such a thing ) thankfully a friend managed to catch him and bring him to us.

Ed is very shy and will not let anyone touch him but me. He stands and he watches and if I tap my leg he slowly walks to me.

He watches over the sheep and if any are head butting and he wants it to stop he simply calmly walks in between them.

If we move fields Ed hangs back to make sure all are in. He herds the last of the sheep with me.
He’s amazing. A wise gentleman.
Sheep are very clever and loving, they respond to their names, are affectionate and wag their tails in excitement. Yet they are one of the most abused animals on the planet