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Gevan the Highlander's Story

Gevan~ Golden girl

Our Highland Cow Rescue
Many don't know her story so here goes.
A good few years ago...I saw gevan on a children's petting farm. She was alone in a field and it made me feel sad as cows are herd animals.
Years later I started a small sanctuary and one day I bumped into the owner of the centre and started to talk to her, I asked if she had any goats going to slaughter as I knew they bred goats and the males would be surplus.
She said no, but told me that the highland cow was going to be sent to slaughter after the season...
I was horrified, I asked why and she told me that she had a hoof condition called corkscrew claw and that they had to sedate her twice a year to sort our her growing hooves, why was not good for the cow.
I asked her if I could take her and she agreed but I believe she was scared off by my following on social media and that any bad publicity would not be good for them. She said that it was more humane to get her slaughtered.
OMG I felt sick with worry but I was not prepared to give her up and went to work gently persuading the lady to agree :0)
Thankfully it worked
When the day came to collect her, the farmer was in the pen trying to get her to go into the trailer with no joy...
I was so scared as she was having none of it and I knew if they did not get her on the trailer then leaving her behind was a death sentence.
So I jumped into the pen which was a bit of a worry as I’d never been close to her, she didn’t know me and she had huge horns.
I gently stroked her, and said "Come on gal, us redheads stick together" I patted my side and looked at her and
Amazingly....she followed me into the trailer.

I have many stories that go with this special girl X 
To be continued