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Kylie Cow's Story

Kylie Cow 

Meet “Kylie”.
She was originally from children’s play centre.
When the park closed the area down the animals were no longer needed and were looked after but just the basics.
Kyle lived with a couple of sheep, an alpaca and a donkey ( all in need of some tlc to say the least ).

Thankfully they were watched by a lovely friend and she made enquiries about them as she was concerned.

A few weeks later the owner agreed to let them go.

Kylie’s best friend was willow the sheep and Micky donkey as she didn’t know she was a cow.

When she saw our cows she went crazy with excitement and was jumping with joy and mooing.
I didn’t realise to what extent she loved our cows until one day we moved her to another pen whilst we cleaned her area.
She could still see them but obviously she thought the worst and she jumped the hurdles to get back close to her new family.

She is a Dexter so is a small breed and her best friend is our “luvu” who is huge as she is a limousin breed which is one of the biggest. Kylie is a real wild child, she maybe small but she has a will and strength of character.

Cows form friendships and bonds, they are sentient beings.

They may not speak the same language but they feel just the same as us.