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A cow named “Kal”

How it all began

Many many Moons ago I found a true love for cows, it all started when I used to walk my dog in the countryside. 

I would pass a field which had just 1 cow in and I would stop to greet him (little did I know that he was actually a bull).

He would run across the field to greet me, doing an excited hop and skip all the way. 

I totally fell in love with him. 

Then one day I stopped off at the field and I couldn’t see him, he had been moved so that he couldn’t access the area where he would greet me. He mooed loudly but couldn’t get to me. 

Feeling so sad I approached the farmer and asked if I could buy him. Unfortunately, I was told  “NO”  he was a bull sperm donator and then he vanished for good. 

I never ever forgot him, the connection that we made left such an impression that I vowed I would eventually rescue cows. 

A few years later I uprooted to the countryside with plans to rescue farmed animals…

Thanks to Kal The Cow  I am now to over 300 rescues and have networked to rescue hundreds more. 

I am home to 10 rescued cows which I have had since 2010. 

However, cows aren’t the easiest or the cheapest to look after, as they take a lot of space, land, feed, bedding etc and I am in a place now where if I cannot raise the funds to help towards their keep, then I will be faced with trying to find them homes, which is no easy task. 

I am giving it one more year to work hard to try and become more self-sustaining so that I can keep my cows 

* the image of the cow is not Kal as sadly I never got to take photos of him all those years ago, but this cow looked very similar. 

I am now going to tell the story of each cow that I have rescued and try to get multiple sponsors to help towards their keep 

Please help….every penny is truly appreciated