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Your donations mean so much to our 200 rescues. Thank Ewe!

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Baaaa Buddy Club

Join the Baaaa Buddy Club

It all started with 12 lambs that were going to slaughter, 2 of them had been sold as “Boxed” ~ Marked for slaughter and returned as a boxed meat package

We put it to you the people and we raised the cash to save them from death. You the people were part of this amazing life save and all the 12 had guardians who helped us to raise the funds and also provide monthly support to help feed, house and vet care

Since the move to the new bigger sanctuary, our rescue numbers have grown and so have the feed and vet costs, so we have expanded the buddy club and the guardianship scheme to help us save more lives and care for our rescues.

So we run the buddy club ~ which is a private group for members who support our work at Sheep Sanctuary. This group is slowly growing and it helps us know that we have some support towards the costs as it's pretty terrifying how much the bills soon mount up

We do hope that next year we can open to the public and we will run VIP visits and events along with competitions for our buddy club members


To become a Baaaaa Buddy simply set up a monthly support donation of at least £10 below: