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Mud Mat Appeal

Roll on summer as the mud here is horrendous, as its been non-stop rain for so long now.

Last month we had to move half the flock to share the big barn with our main flock due to fields swamping.
They had access to the rear fields but sadly that field is now the same which means we now need to restrict outside access until the fields dry a little as there’s nothing to eat outside and its wrecking the fields, plus it takes its toll on the sheep hooves causing scald and foot rot.

This means that the feed and bedding costs rise even higher.

The only consolation is the majority of the winter is behind us ( she says trying to be positive )

I've looked into mud mats which would work well in the main field and it may mean for the rest of the winter we need to join all flocks into one big one with access to fields over mud mats.

We roughly measured the main gate area which is 6 metres X 11 metres (66 square metres =264 slabs @ £8.10 per slab )
Total needed £2106.00 plus delivery that’s around 2 pallet loads.

I'm going to try to do a fundraiser to buy a slab and help us create at least one accessible field.

Please help if you can X