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Your donations mean so much to our 200 rescues. Thank Ewe!

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Plant Based

We are a plant-based sanctuary and we have a lot planned this coming summer to promote and educate people as to why it’s so important to eat plant-based and live your life with kindness.

After 15 years as a vegan, I have raised so much awareness and the main reason was to help people connect with the animals, to see them for "who" they are not "what" they are. 

I do however work with the sheared fleece from our safe-for-life rescues, which technically is not "vegan" but there is a method in my madness as it helps me to reach a whole new audience.

The fleece comes from loved and protected sheep and not only does it help raise much-needed funds. It also brings in the public who use wool etc and gives them the chance to come see and hear the reasons why it is important to be plant-based as many have no idea as to what goes on behind the scenes. They also get to connect with the sheep that it comes from giving me a rare opportunity to drip feed and educate people. 

Our sanctuary is a “Meat-free” site but we do welcome vegetarians as they are on the way to veganism. Many meat eaters visit our accommodation and respect the fact that it is a meat-free site. 

I ran a vegan cafe for many years before I fully immersed myself in the sanctuary, but this year I am relaunching “Vegan” food options as we have created a new area where people can buy ready-made vegan sandwiches, cakes, sweets, pizzas, pies and much more. Along with a stocked fridge area with burgers, sausages etc for all the meat-free BBQ options - a great way for people to try the many amazing vegan options that are now available. 

This year we have purchased a Pizza oven and we will be stocking many delicious homemade pizzas for you to purchase and cook on site.

Relaunching also is our much loved “Sheep Hugging” and “Sheep Walking“ sessions. A wonderful way to get up close and personal with some truly amazing “cloud puppies”.

There is so much coming to Sheep Sanctuary this year, our doors are open to “everyone”.