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Cruelty Free Wool

Many years ago I would not have dreamt of using wool as I was a very strict vegan. I love my sheep and by trade, I’m a fashion designer. I used to look at the wool creations that came from my much-loved sheep and it felt so wrong to discard it, as they had spent a year growing this beautiful coat. 

Then one day I created some beautiful merchandise and I decided to launch a range of woollen products. I had to change my status to plant-based but I didn’t mind that as I knew that if I stepped out of the “vegan” label I could reach a bigger audience. 

Many people from all walks of life now use and buy my woolly gifts and this year I am launching our new on-site store. 

People can come and buy our “cruelty-free goods", see the sheep in their safe and loving surroundings and help us raise much-needed funds, at the same time learning background stories as to why it's important to buy “cruelty-free”. 

We also now stock a vegan range of wool craft supplies so that we cater for all needs: knitting wool, carded wool for felting, washed and raw fleece for spinning etc

We hope to shortly launch workshops to work with our fleece, from rug making, peg looming, and needle felting. 

Along with workshops with other artists who can rent our new workshop space. 

So much coming this year to raise both awareness and funds.