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Sheep Sanctuary


Your donations mean so much to our 200 rescues. Thank Ewe!

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EweLove works alongside "Sheep Sanctuary" 

We use the sheared fleece from the sheep rescues and also use the animals for inspiration in art and crafts. 
Plus ewelove runs the Bullocks Barn Accommodation in scarborough, ensuite room rentals Sheep shed, Cow Shed and The Happy Hippy Flat 

We are a Plant Based  business based on the sheep sanctuary  in whitby North Yorkshire.

We have a vegan lifestyle and we always promote it, but recently in an attempt to become self sustaining, we decided to work with the animals and made the decision to combine my love for arts and crafts with their sheared wool from the rescues. 

All the sheep are here for life and it seemed sad and wasteful to discard the fleeces that they have grown. So now  create products from them, each piece has a name 

Below are some of things that i have created from the sheared fleece of our much loved gang, i love what i do and i truly adore sheep. 

No skin rugs, are cruelty free sheep fleece rugs that no animal had to die for, they are made using the art of wet felting which is very labour intensive but amazing to see such a lovely fleece rug that actually has a name and a story to tell..

Below is a big lamb collectible that i created using the artform of needle felting, again another labour of love. This one was made in the memory of a special little sheep that sadly never made it. Our "Duchess" whose memory will always live on X 

I also created little sheep collectibles ~ all of which i self taught myself 

We also created cat beds, dog beds and bird feeders filled with sheared fleece, so as not to waste any

To see our full ranges please visit our website below 

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